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Perfume Gift Sets Make Fantastic Gifts For Women

Perfume gift sets are perfect to give most women, but there are a few things to consider before you buy perfume. Some of the considerations are obvious, while others might be a little more complex. Of course, your decision on which gift set to pick depends on the recipient.

Dior Little Luxuries Perfume Gift SetDior Little Luxuries Perfume Gift Set - Click Here

Often the best gift sets can be mini size perfumes from the same brand, like this Dior Little Luxury Perfumes box set.

It has 4 of their top selling perfumes; J'adore, Miss Dior Cherie, Hypnotic Poison, and Dior Addict 2 all in a beautiful gift box. This is the ideal present for women who love perfume.

You may know a woman who loves lots and lots of rich fragrance. She always smells fresh and flowery and even her house has a hint of sweet aromas.

Choosing for this individual can be a fairly simple task. You know, without a doubt, that there are tons of perfume gift sets that she will appreciate.

Estee Lauder Favorite PerfumesEstee Lauder Spray Favorites Perfume Gift Set - Click Here

Another very popular collection of small size perfumes for women is this Estee Lauder Gift Set.

Includes 5 favorite Estee Lauder Fragrances: Beautiful Love, Beyond Paradise, Sensuous, Pure White Linenl, and Pleasures - all in mini sizes and perfect to carry in a purse.

"This makes a great gift, giving a lucky woman in your life a chance to try five quality perfumes."

There are endless combinations of scents and each has a distinct personality. You really want to match the personality of the person to the perfumes. 


Justin Bieber Girlfriend Perfume Gift Set - Click Here

Younger women and especially teen girls are sure to love this charming perfume gift box set.

Flirty, personal, and inviting, Girlfriend Perfume by Justin Bieber draws you in with its fresh, eye-catching bottle. 

Nice, fresh fragrance that is perfect for young ladies.

This set contains:  1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 oz Touchable Body Lotion, 3.4 oz Be With Me Body Wash.

Wonderstruck Gift Set by Taylor Swift - Click Here

A sparkling fragrance of Freesia, Green Tea, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, Dewberry.

Inspired by Taylor Swift's personal life experiences - her creative approach to songwriting, every element is authentic, embracing all that is special about Taylor.

This beautiful 3 piece Wonderstruck Perfume boxed gift set includes: 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum spray, mini size parfum spray, and 3.4 oz scented body lotion.


Curious by Britney Spears Perfume Gift Set - Click Here 

This is a nice every day, casual perfume. Delightful smell of a blend of tuberose, magnolia, sandalwood, vanilla infused musk, pear, and jasmine.

Curious Britney Spears Perfume has an intoxicating scent that wears well throughout the day without being overpowering or too sweet.

Gift set includes: Eau De Parfum Spray, Souffle, and Shower Gel.


These are a few of our favorite perfume gift sets. Of course, some thought should still go in picking the perfect present. Just because you know that she would love a perfume gift basket doesn’t necessarily mean that you can grab the first ladies perfume that you come across at the store or on the Internet.

First and foremost, you want to consider the actual scents that the lady commonly wears. Is the fragrance light and fruity, sweet and flowery or spicy and warm?

Is the woman open to trying new things or does she have an obsession with a certain fragrance that she has worn for eternity?

You may be surprised to discover how many women wear just one or two scents. Some really don’t like to try different fragrances no matter how popular the brand might be. 

You risk buying perfume gift sets that will never be used if you are buying for someone who is completely committed to a certain perfume brand.

For the woman who likes just one perfume, you can get different combinations of the same fragrance. For example, I found a gift basket that contained scented candles, bath oils and lotion along with a handy bottle of cologne.

Some perfume gift sets contain wonderful items like these while others offer a little more. You can find sets that have powders and purses along with the rest.

You will find it is easy to find the best perfume for women in different combinations, especially if you shop online.

After you have chosen a scent, the rest is all fun and games. If you are really lucky you will be purchasing for people who love to try new things.

They will be excited about the latest perfumes and famous brands by celebrities, like Paris Hilton perfume or Britney Spears perfume collection.